Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dick Van Dyke Days

After round one I'm 23-9 in the NCAA tournament. I did suffer some damage though as I had Duke going to the final 8. Hopefully other people did also and I'll be okay.

The Tosa Thunder lost a tough indoor soccer game 8-6 this morning. Coco suffered a high left ankle sprain towards the end of the game. He has a fairly big limp so he'll be doing a lot of icing this week.

A female fugitive who was on the run for 18 years was captured on a Key West houseboat this week. That's one way of getting there I guess.

A Chinese property developer paid $1.9 million for a dog. I know race horses go for that kind of cabbage but never heard of a dog going for that much. It's a long haired Tibetan Mastiff that weighs 200 pounds. My mom once paid $4 for my cocker spaniel mix Beau. The lady wanted $5 but my mom only had 4 measly singles on her so the lady let her slide. Beau was a good dog who made it to the ripe old age of 13.

It's been kind of a lazy dog day afternoon since getting back from soccer. I'm marinating a nice steak for dinner and watching a movie marathon of Murder 101 starring Dick Van Dyke. I catch up on the tournament during commercials.

WGN television used to carry The Dick Van Dyke Show reruns coupled with The Andy Griffith Show reruns every weekday afternoon from 2-3pm. My college roommate Bob Dunphy and I never missed an episode during college. In fact, we never took a 2pm class so we specifically could watch our reruns. All of our teammates knew what we would be doing at 2pm and sometimes we'd have drop by guests to watch with us.

Bob and I had already seen each episode well before we got to college so we'd have a contest for both shows. We'd see who could tell the storyline first and it usually only took 10 seconds. We were both great at it and our friends found it amusing yet strange. I still watch them to this day and I would bet he does also. I guess they reminded us both of a simpler yet greater era. Thank you Bob.


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  1. I loved Dick Van Dyke and Andy Griffith!!!! Who couldn't love Ernest T Bass and Mel Cooley????? How about Sally Rogers singing "Santa send a Fella" on the DVD Christmas Special? Or Ritchie singing "The Little Drummer Boy"?" Priceless!!!! How about "The Twizzle?"