Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscar Night

The Tosa Thunder started the second half of their indoor season with an 8-3 victory. Staunch defense and stellar passing were major highpoints of the game.

After the game we all headed to Krissy's mom's house for a birthday dinner for her nephew Dom and myself. A wonderful meal with a fantastic homemade key lime pie. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful night.

This morning we headed out to the grocery store after Meet the Press. If our grocery bill gets any higher we might have to finance it. Good thing Krissy is the Houdini of coupons or it would be even higher.

The Chicago Bulls beat the New York Knicks by 29 points this afternoon. At one point in history this would be a big fun sunday afternoon game to watch with friends at a local watering hole but the Knickerbockers haven't been any good in ages.

Tonight is the 86th Academy Awards or Oscar Night as we common folk say. It started in 1929 as a private dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Less than 300 people attended and tickets were five bucks. The actual ceremony itself was less than 20 minutes. No windy acceptance speeches at the very beginning.

Today over 40 million people watch the live telecast. Several years ago I attended an Oscar party at the Rosebud Theater in Tosa. The awards were shown on the big screen with an open bar and buffet dinner. It was a quite nice event at my second favorite movie theater.

A lot of people go out and make sure they see every movie that's up for nomination. I suspect that's the underlying real reason why they raised the number of movies nominated. I've never had that desire but I did see two of the nominated movies. "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "American Hustle" which I really enjoyed. I'm not sure who will win any of the major categories but I'm sure studio politics has a part in the process. Regardless, I think it's an extreme honor for any artist that is nominated. Good luck to all and thanks for a great year of entertainment.


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