Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Batman

We met Monique and Frosty last night at County Clare. It's the same Irish bar we went to for St. Patrick's Day. After some drinks and food we headed over to Bugsy's Back Alley Saloon. The cab driver actually dropped us off in the back alley so we could make a big entrance through the fancy backdoor. The place definitely had a roaring twenties feel to it. There was a rowdy bachelorette party going on and a pretty decent two piece band.

After about an hour there, Monique and Krissy ventured across the street to the Milwaukee Ale House while Frosty and I stayed to finish our drinks. The crowd started getting bigger and more interesting just as we decided we better head across the street to meet the girls. Krissy started fading around midnight so we grabbed a cab bidding them a fond farewell. What a truly fun night!

Congrats to the Wisconsin Badgers on making it to the Final Four. We caught the end of the game at Bugsy's. I'm down to just having Florida left.

Batman is 75 years old today which was when the first comic appeared on newsstands. Integrity, toughness with a dash of class. I had my very own Batman costume before I even entered Kindergarten. I was the envy of all the guys on my block who were still wearing their momma's dishtowels in lieu of a real cape. 

Even as adults we still like Batman. About 15 years ago at work, I had a friendly bantered exchange with a friend over which one of us was "really" Batman. After about 5 minutes of discussing who had the most Batman type qualities, I lifted my sweater to reveal my black Batman t-shirt with the classic yellow logo. He had to call me Batman the rest of the day at the office and I loved every minute of it.

Bridge Gate is still an ongoing saga being investigated in New Jersey. I still don't have a definitive opinion if Governor Christie was behind it or not. I do find it curious that no one has produced an actual traffic study yet. But I do no one thing that is an indisputable fact. This crap doesn't happen in Gotham City!    


Frosty & Monique

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