Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Video Will

It hit 43 degrees today on my walk to Walgreens and I noticed all the birds chirping for the first time in a long time. Glad to have them back.

For my NCAA bracket, I picked Florida, Villanova, Arizona and Wichita State going to the Final Four. I seldom pick any top seeds but I think the selection committee did very well on the pairings with late season momentum considered. I would have taken Syracuse 4 weeks ago but they lost their momentum. I'll take Florida beating Wichita State in the championship game.

The Sir Lancelot's Armor company has come out with a line of bulletproof screen protectors for mobile devices. For an average cost of $45, parents can give their teenagers a fighting chance against George Zimmerman.

I had a lively discussion with 3 strange guys yesterday who are absolutely crazy about J.C Penney (JCP) stock. Why? It's a 112 year old brick and mortar retailer that loses money hands over fist every quarter. There's at least a 1000 quality stocks out there, don't bet on a 1970 stalwart  with your hard earned money.

Former Chicago Bear Devin Hester signed a 3 year free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons. He was the most exciting kick/punt returner that I've ever seen. He even returned a missed field goal for a touchdown once. I never knew that was even allowed until he did it.

I was watching an episode of Magnum P.I. today and it had a scene with a recently deceased person reading his will via videotape. Does anyone actually ever do this? I've never know anyone personally do this myself. I think I will though. It's very important that my beer can collection and James Bond sunglasses get to the right people and have them know why!


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  1. You have James Bond glasses?? Why didn't I know this?? Where are they located.?? Just curious...