Sunday, March 9, 2014

The New Ukraine is ......

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Miami Heat by 7 in overtime. No handshakes after the game as the Heat truly despise the Bulls who play a tough as nails defense against them unlike most NBA teams. LeBron James totally disappeared in overtime which is why he'll always be a poor man's Michael Jordan. Joakim Noah was brilliant once again with huge plays and will garnish enough MVP points to finish in the top 5 this year.

I watched the game by myself as Krissy is in Sussex for a music festival with her posse. Sussex won't know what hit them after that fun bunch gets done with them!

We took it easy last night and ended up watching some lame 10 year old comedy called Soul Plane. Snoop Dog was one of the stars and this comedy managed to breach every racial, religious and political stereotype known to man. I laughed a few times but it certainly wasn't in the league of a Caddy Shack.

The Green Bay Packers retained free agent Sam Shields with a $39 million contract over 4 years. I'm not sure who they were bidding against but he gets top 3 cornerback money for being middle of the road. Run to the bank Mr. Shields in case they forgot a decimal point.

Former Senator and war hero Bob Dole got trashed by current Texas Senator Ted Cruz for not running on principle in the 1996 presidential election. Cruz basically insinuated that Dole is a RINO which is hilarious. Cruz is a very poor politician but he's still hanging a small notch above Palin. Kudos to Dole for rising above the insults with class and dignity.

The Wisconsin legislature looks ready to pass a new bill shortening early voter registration and voting itself. Apparently, it's only works if voters vote the way the majority wants one to. Wisconsin, more similar to Ukraine than just the weather lately.


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