Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gone But Always Remembered

Congrats to John and Angela on their Arizona engagement. You could have waited until you arrived back to chilly Milwaukee. What's next? A new house in Arizona? Make sure the guest room has a private bathroom with a southern exposure please. Congrats again you crazy kids.

Happy Birthday to Joanne for tomorrow. Krissy's mom looks 30 years younger than she is. Thanks again for the lovely lunch today. Now let's close the deal on that Airstream.

I'm starting to fall apart on my NCAA bracket. It seems like most people are having a rough go of it with a few high seeds already going home. I still might  have a slim chance if Arizona and Florida make it to the Final Four. Very slim!

We watched 12 Years A Slave last night from the confines of our cozy living room. One has to love pay per view options on these chilly nights. The movie is a top notch production but naturally has a sad overtone through out the film. It does have a shining moment at the end and it's actually based on a true story about Solomon Northup. I highly recommend it.

If my Grandma Kiner was still alive it would be her 100th birthday today. Her maiden name was Eichelkraut and she was famous for her German sauerkraut. She also owned a muskie fish catching record in Hayward, Wisconsin and I still have the newspaper clipping. She graduated from a business college in 1929 which was almost unheard of in those times. She was also our family historian and she documented all of my family records that she left for me.

Her first date with my grandfather was during prohibition. Naturally, my grandpa took her to a speakeasy that ended up being raided by the police. She once told me that she felt like she was running for her life because if her father would have found out it would have been the end for her. Luckily, they escaped. She was the greatest grandma that ever lived and I still miss her terribly. Happy Birthday Grandma.


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  1. Thanks! The Arizona sun makes people do crazy things!