Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hank The Mascot

I took Coco to school this morning in freezing rain. When will the Wisconsin weather make a turn around? It looks like next week and hopefully the jittery stock market turns up with it.

The ground crew at Miller Park had to bring in some hi-tech grow lights to get the ballpark grass ready for opening day next week. It's been so cold this spring that the roof has only been open 3 times so far.

Jared Allen signed a free agent contract with the Chicago Bears. He's on his way to the Hall of Fame and it looks like he still has a couple quality years left in the tank.

Krissy and I have been watching Bar Rescue on the Spike Network. We caught an episode featuring the O Face Bar in Council Bluffs, Iowa. These people were a total train wreck and ended up without a rescue. Lazy and dysfunctional owners at best. The whole town was portrayed very unflattering.

The Milwaukee County Zoo has a new baby gorilla. It's the first newborn since 1992. I'm sure the gorilla has a better chance here than the Copenhagen Zoo which just killed 4 lions. Ironically, they slaughtered an unwanted giraffe last month to feed to the lions.

Hank the new dog mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers has been on the rollercoaster of life lately. Basically, he was a homeless stray in Arizona and hooked up with the Brewers organization during spring training. The owner even flew Hank to Milwaukee on his private jet. The team just announced a bobble head promotion for Hank in September which is a major deal. Angela and Krissy stopped at Grebe's Bakery for Hank the Mascot cookies. They were sold out! From homeless to the penthouse within a month, only in America.


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