Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Santelli Pager

It's back to winter in Milwaukee today with a high of 21. I wheeled the recyclables to the curb and the wind chill is even worse.

Microsoft  co-founder Paul Allen has a new book out and was making the television rounds last night. Allen and Gates were friends in high school. Allen is still a bachelor and a man of many interests. Apparently he has a fondness for yachts and mansions and builds them quite well. Gates seems to be the more driven person but was often demeaning and mean spirited when he was still active with the company on a daily basis. Still, I like Gates tremendously for his foundation work. Allen seems to be a bit of a recluse along the lines of a milder Howard Hughes. Together, two teenage kids really did make an impact on the world.

An Orlando gun show hired George Zimmerman to be their featured guest star. People lined up for both autographs and a Kodak moment. Who says killing someone doesn't pay? Maybe next year they can host a knife show and hire O.J. Simpson.

Free agent Chicago Bear quarterback Josh McCown just signed a very nice 2 year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He will have an opportunity to compete for the starting position with the Bucs.

I watched some of the Johnny Carson interviews on TMC last night. It started with Bob Hope who wore a horrendous suit even by 1978 standards. Bing Cosby was next and I was surprised at how quiet he seemed. Johnny almost had to prod him to get more than a single sentence response to his questions. Tony Randall and Truman Capote I found were both just very strange men. Randall was the most  frequent guest for Carson and Capote had a nice run as a writer. Gregory Peck seemed almost dull but a genuine nice guy. The show ended with one of my personal favorites, Miss Lauren Bacall. Classy, elegant, legendary and actually still the only guest still alive from this segment.

Rick Santelli from CNBC made it clear today that he doesn't think much of alternative fuel cars or Tesla specifically. He believes the 1920 technology for cars is still the most reliable and shouldn't change. I imagine he still has a pager clipped on his fat leather belt with a rock and roll belt buckle. Hopefully it will tell him the future has arrived.


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