Monday, March 10, 2014

Jack Bauer Is Back

It's a balmy 52 degrees outside with plenty of sunshine. The snow has been melting at a pretty decent pace the last 5 days. No more treacherous ice daggers hanging from the gutters makes me feel safer already. One more week to St. Patrick's Day and if it can duplicate today's sunshine it will be a bang up tribute to the Irish. Heck, even if it's cloudy it will be a bang up tribute to the Irish.

Duval Street has been very peaceful whenever I've been there but another Baltimore Raven managed to find a fight this past weekend. Offensive Tackle Jah Reid was arrested at the Red Garter for fighting and thrown into the Stock Island lockup. He's the third Raven to be arrested in the last 3 weeks. The liquor must have been flowing pretty good as I can't imagine anyone wanting to start a fight with a 355 pound NFL lineman.

A major well know mutual fund manager was on a talking head investment show today telling people to lessen their risk by just putting money into a fund. Indeed, he doesn't make any money if you do some research and think for yourself. Computers and the internet, what a beautiful research tool.

Still no sign of the missing Malaysia airliner. In this age of GPS, I really don't know how this is possible. We have a robotic camera on Mars searching for water sources yet we can't find a missing Boeing 777. There doesn't even appear to be any clues at the moment let alone an oil slick or some floating suitcases. It's not like it was a tiny Cessna or a weather balloon.

Jack Bauer is making a summer comeback with 12 episodes instead of 24. Kiefer Sutherland will be reprising his famous role for an exceptionally popular series last seen in 2010. The show will premiere on May5th. No confirmation yet that Jack Bauer finds the missing Malaysia airliner but stay tuned!


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