Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Irish Day Recap

Krissy and I started out with lunch at Jack's American Pub yesterday. It wasn't too crowded at noon. Then we met up with her sister Jen and headed over to Hosed on Brady for green beer. I've never really understood the green beer concept. After Hosed, we headed over to The Standard Tavern and waited for their high school friend Julie to meet up with us. Julie was the only one who made an effort to actually work yesterday.

Once Julie arrived we headed over to County Clare which is an Irish owned boutique hotel on the eastside of Milwaukee. www.countyclare-inn.com
They actually put up a huge heated tent over their parking lot. There's been a few years where they didn't need the heaters but yesterday they certainly did. The featured Irish band was Hearthfire. www.Hearthfireband.com
They bill themselves as Irish music with attitude and they certainly lived up to the billing.

A special kudos to Rob Irwin the Brand Ambassador for 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey who we all talked to for a while. Thanks again for the promotional items and the cocktails were fantastic! www.2gingerswhiskey.com

I'm not even sure what time we left County Clare but a good time was had by all. Thanks again everyone and check out the photos below!

 Free hat and cool light up ring! love bar giveaways

The bagpipes!!!

Everyone is Irish on St Patrick's day!

Jen came in green shoes

Krissy and Jenny

duh... green beer

Julie and Jenny belly up to the bar... again

3rd anniversary photo


  1. Ha! Looked like great fun! Very festive you all are =D

  2. Those shoes are soo fantastic!! I need a pair for next year:)🍀

  3. Cute blond in the hat by the way:)