Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jersey Bans Tesla

Cuba had another 4.7 magnitude earthquake on sunday and a few people felt it in Key West. For an island that usually only feels drinking tremors, it's been like Frisco this year with 4 aftershocks.

Famed author Joe McGinnis passed away yesterday. He wrote best sellers such as "Fatal Vision" and "The Selling of the President."

There is an important special congressional election today in Florida's 13th Congressional District. It's been held by republicans for over 40 years before Representative Bill Young passed away in the fall. Polls have it to be a very tight race at the moment.

Michael Bennett ended up resigning with the Seattle Seahawks. His brother, Chicago Bear tight end Martellus Bennett apparently couldn't sell the Windy City as an alternative to the rainy city. Too bad.

Instead, the Bears signed free agent defensive end Lamarr Houston to a 5 year contract. Many scouts had Houston rated ahead of Bennett anyway. They also resigned middle linebacker D.J. Williams who was having a great season before tearing a pectoral muscle. General Manager Phil Emery isn't finished yet. Last year he did an amazing job rebuilding a terrible offensive line.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission banned direct sales of automobiles. In other words, manufacturers must use dealerships or they can't sell cars in New Jersey. Make no mistake about it, this is a ban that was aimed at Tesla directly and no one else. Tesla will have to close 2 New Jersey dealerships and layoff 27 employees. So much for job creation.

New Jersey follows in the footsteps of Arizona and Texas with this silly ban that enables middleman to add even more cost to a product. Note that all 3 states have republican governor's who preach "free market capitalism" at all costs. Unless of course it regards a product they do not like then the mantra becomes total lip service paid for by energy and trade lobbyists.


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