Monday, February 3, 2014

Task Force Time

The first bobbled snap of the game pretty much set the tone for the rest of the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos made just about every mistake a team can make in a football game. To the Seattle Seahawks credit, they took advantage of every miscue and routed the Broncos pretty good.

Now comes the hard part for Seattle. Trying to keep their young talent away from other teams in free agency will be no easy task. Traditionally, the championship team gets raided every year by teams looking for a quick fix willing to overpay for free agents. The Seahawks core is fairly young and fairly underpaid by today's standard. With over 19 free agents and not much cap space, other teams will likely take away a few key players.

The halftime show with Bruno Mars was very good. Definitely a first class entertainer with a bright future.

My favorite commercial by far was the Chrysler commercial featuring the legendary Bob Dylan. It was well written with great messaging.  I also liked the U2 clip helping with yet another cause. The four Irishman always make their mother country proud on the world stage.

The DOW is down 311 points as I write today. It could be a tough week until the jobs report on Friday. If it's a low number look for a continual downward spiral for the rest of the month.  Personally, I think it will be ok if weather is factored in. Look for a revised upward number of last months number also. They shouldn't have been that bad!

So far I have nothing planned for this week except Cole's soccer game on Saturday. It's an 11am game and yes, I've double checked the time already!

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has announced that he's starting a task force to be better prepared for the next "severe storm." Really? You're going to waste taxpayer money to cover your ass. At most, Georgia gets a storm like this once every dozen years. Next time, just pay attention to the weather forecast and close everything down for a day. It's that simple. No worries Governor, my advice is always free and plentiful!


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