Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lipinski Strad Still Missing

Another wintery day with more snow. Not a sign of a plow or salt truck anywhere this morning. Southeast Wisconsin is actually dangerously low on salt. A bulk carrier came to the Port of Milwaukee last night with 22,000 tons of salt and another bulk carrier is expected today with another 50,000 tons. Just have to survive another four weeks and the worst of winter should be over.

Another minor earthquake hit the northern coast of Cuba last night. It was the second one in this short year. It doesn't appear that Key West felt any tremors.

I noticed that the newly passed farm bill has a requirement that stores must now label the origin of certain meat products. It's more of a food bill these days and it clearly states that pork, chicken and beef must be clearly labeled. A lot of it does come from foreign countries. If it's good enough for beer and scotch it should be good enough for consumer meats.

Retired soccer great David Beckham announced that he is bringing a MLS expansion team to Miami. It will be the 20th Major League Soccer team. Frankly, I'm surprised that Miami didn't already have a team considering all of its international flair. Beckham has done very well in the soccer world and I'm sure he'll do well in Miami.

There's good news and bad news regarding the stolen Stradivarius violin in Milwaukee. Three people were arrested in connection with the theft. But, the expensive fiddle known as the Lipinski Strad has not been recovered yet. In the good ole days, a yellow page phonebook to the head would have yielded the location of the stolen property. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying!

Bill O'Reilly believes that he has become an annoyance to President Obama. Don't sell yourself short Bill. You annoy the hell out of the rest of us also!


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