Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disco Demolition

I woke up early and headed to St. Marcus school to register Coco for school next year. It was sleeting pretty good and ice puddles everywhere. What a slippery mess!

A 24 year old Cuban man windsurfed from Cuba to Key West on Tuesday. His trip took 9 1/2 hours and a lot of blisters. Unfortunately, he had 2 companions and they appear lost at sea. Ninety miles isn't that close without an engine.

Michelle Bachmann doesn't believe the United States is ready for a female president yet. Yes, blame the masses instead of looking in the mirror you whack job.

Congrats to the U.S. women's hockey team which just won the Olympic silver medal. Bachmann probably still believes that women can't play hockey neither.

One of Governor Christie's supporters is urging him to throw a demonstration against Bruce Springsteen by destroying all of Springsteen's cd's. Just because Springsteen isn't a supporter of the governor. It reminds me of Disco Demolition night in Chicago. Famed WLS disc jockey Steve Dahl had baseball fans bring a disco record to Comiskey Park so he could blow them up between games of a doubleheader. Dahl detested disco music and the whole disco genre.

The explosion of records put a small crater in center field and fans stormed the infield. Chicago riot police actually came to the park but never truly restored order. Fans fled the park. But the field was trashed, neighboring property destroyed and the White Sox had to forfeit the game. It didn't really work very well in 1979 and I don't see what it would accomplish 35 years later. Indeed, the party of recycled failed ideas.


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