Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Nun Did It

Geez, it hit 45 degrees today. It feels so balmy I'm surprised someone didn't throw a parade. I can't even remember the last time it was this warm. It will be short lived though and next week's forecast is for the teens once again.

The second race of the Wrecker's Cup boat race takes place this Sunday in Key West. That should be a site to see from Mallory Square or anywhere on the wharf.

The stock market was all over the place today. The unrest in Ukraine will do that for a day but it shouldn't have a bearing on our economy.

Tesla is up huge after the market closed. They reported better than expected earnings and feel that China will be just as big of a market as the United States very soon. Their potential is scary.

Google Fiber is coming to another 34 cities. It's the fastest broadband out there by far. Google has it's hand in everything it seems. Maps, advertising, glasses and a monstrous office boat to name just a few. No wonder their stock is over a thousand bucks and going strong.

Homeland Security has issued a serious international shoe bomb alert. Is this century over yet? I'm really missing the 90's. We just talked about the Y2K crisis all the time which was much ado about nothing!

A 84 year old nun was sentenced to 3 years of prison for breaking into a U.S. nuclear weapon's complex. I'm not sure which is worse. A nun committing crimes or the fact that a 84 year old woman could break into a nuclear weapon's complex.


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