Saturday, February 8, 2014

End The Embargo

Even the best planned Happy Hour is always subject to change. Krissy and I stopped at Regano's Roman Coin bar to start the evening and ended up spending over three hours there without making it to our next stop. Let it be said that flexibility is the key when it comes to a professional happy hour.  I talked vintage bicycles and Ford Thunderbirds with Joel the bartender and several other early starters.

The Roman Coin itself is a vintage treasure. It was built in 1890 and was originally a Frederick Pabst saloon. There's a sign in the men's room that will let you know that also. Captain Pabst was the original conveyor of Pabst brand beer and people can tour his mansion on Wisconsin Avenue if so inclined. The "Coin" is a true corner bar still serving Pabst and many other fine brews.

We ended up grabbing Chinese food next door at the Emperor of China. Tremendous food and the Brady Street area is truly a great place to live. In the summer it does remind me a bit of Duval Street in Key West.

The Tosa Thunder won their indoor soccer game 5-3. It was a rough physical game but the boys played great defense once again.

Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuit against MLB and will apparently sit out the year and go away. Well, that's one down anyway.

Over 1800 firearms were confiscated from travelers last year at U.S. airports and 80% of them were loaded. Has anybody heard of metal detectors?

The U.S. House is in session 3 days next week then they take a break until February 25th. Three paid vacations in the first two months of the year. Not bad for a part time gig.

Kudos to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist for calling for an end to the trade embargo with Cuba. It's been a failed policy for 52 years. Oddly, many politicians cling onto the embargo so not to empower the Castro regime. Give me a break please. The Castro boys have been in power since 1959. They will die from old age before a boatload of apple pie and hotdogs give them "power."


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