Wednesday, February 12, 2014

West Virginia Follies

Condolences to Michelle Bavuso and her entire extended family. Michelle's father passed away yesterday and he will be missed by many. He did an excellent job with his daughter!

Coco is home today with the stomach flu. He's had a good run the last two years and has been very healthy. He thinks he'll be going to school tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be ready to go for his Saturday soccer game!

Best wishes to news journalist Tom Brokaw who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He retired a decade ago at the top of his profession but has remained active with national commentary and some excellent documentaries.

Brad Paisley will be headlining Summerfest on June 27th. He is the 6th announced headliner and Darius Rucker will be his opening show.

I watched an interview last night with Texas Governor Rick Perry. Wearing a sharp suit and new glasses, he seemed well composed and very articulate. Then, at the very end he went off the talking points reservation and once again sounded like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

There were 3960 laser attacks on U.S. airplanes last year. That's way more than I thought. It's almost 11 attacks every single day. I'm not sure how many of these piss ants they catch but I'm sure it's not many. If caught, it's punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. I'm always amused by the fines. There isn't many Bill Gates or Rockefeller types committing these crimes. Still, I think it is domestic terrorism and I hope they lock one of these clowns up in Gitmo for five years.

King Coal is at it again in West Virginia. 100,000 gallons of coal slurry, a chemical waste made six miles of the Fields Creek look like a tar pit. It also leaked into the Kanawha river which it feeds into. The State EPA believes the water is safe to drink despite no testing of the local residential waters. I would imagine bottled water would be a better investment than even the best Brita filter.

Face it, coal is an obsolete inefficient technology that will be gone in twenty years. It's been around since the bow and arrow but nobody fights wars with those anymore, do they? Solar and wind technology is the wave of the future. Coal is on it's last leg and they know it. They are merely trying to rake in every last cent while cutting corners and letting accidents happen. Unfortunately, West Virginia itself has become collateral damage. In this case, our nation's largest cesspool.


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