Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nikki Haley Whines

Coco is off school this week for winter break so he's hanging out with the old man. Glad to have him here this week just wishing it was a bit warmer so we could do something outside.

Last night we watched a documentary about North Central College's cross country team. It is my alma mater. It sure brought back a lot of memories and I'll always be proud that I had the opportunity to run for Al Carius. A great coach but an even greater man. Success breeds success.

Bad news for anybody holding bitcoins from the Mt. Gox trading platform which used to be the biggest bitcoin exchange. Your bitcoin is now actually worth less than a Chuck E Cheese token. In fact, the internet site is totally offline and it's estimated that over $350 million has been lost. Other bitcoin exchanges are reassuring customers that everything in the bitcoin world is just fine. It begs the question besides the obvious Chuck E Cheese token comparison. Is bitcoin a relatively good and safe investment? Answer yourself that question by asking yourself this. Would you accept a bitcoin paycheck from your employer instead of U.S. dollars?

The NFL Combine has been going on for the past week. College seniors and early draft declarations come to Indianapolis every year looking to cash in on a dream of getting drafted by an NFL team. Each year, thru a series of drills, sprints, weightlifting and wonderlic tests, players position themselves for a higher draft position and more money. A lot of them are just great workout warriors but mediocre football players. Still, a paycheck cashed is a paycheck cashed. It will continue to be that way until someone designs an invention to measure heart and desire.

I guess cutting national spending and deficit reduction is good for everyone, unless of course it takes money out of the pocket of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. It seems likely that her husband will loose his National Guard position with the defense budget cuts. I can see her point though. When you're governor of a state with the 10th highest poverty rate and the 9th lowest median income, dual incomes do matter!


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