Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jeff Bridges Is The Dude

Congrats to Satya Nadella as he was named the new CEO of Microsoft (MSFT). He has worked for Microsoft for the past 22 years but Nadella also has a local connection to Milwaukee. He graduated from UWM with an MS in Computer Science. That should certainly enhance the UWM program even further.

The stock market has recovered slightly today. Still too early to see if the bleeding has stopped or if it's merely a dead cat bounce.

Joan Mondale, wife of former Vice President Walter Mondale passed away yesterday. Her nickname was 'Joan of Art' as she was a long time advocate of the arts. In 1986, I met her daughter Eleanor at a WGN radio event at Notre Dame University before a Chicago Bears exhibition game. Eleanor preceded her in death from brain cancer in 2011. Condolences to the entire Mondale family.

There's rumors swirling about that Mitt Romney is being recruited again to run for president. He's been the subject of a positive documentary and has made some television appearances lately. Personally, I don't think Mitt will take another run after two failed attempts. It's a long tough endeavor with no prize for second place. Besides, in my humble opinion I believe his wife wanted to be first lady more than he wanted the presidency in 2012.

Things are a little slow so far on the local front this week. I'm signing Coco up for a second indoor soccer season today. He's informed me that he would like to focus on soccer more so little league baseball will be a no go this spring. Baseball was king when I was a kid and I played as much as I could. The only reason I knew anything about soccer was because a kid from Germany moved to my town and attended my school and showed it to us. It was his decision though and it appears well thought out so I'm good with it.

Kudos to Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges and to nokidhungry.com. It's purpose is not only to end childhood hunger, but to teach low income families to food shop in better ways. Jeff Bridges is the national spokesman and he has been working on the hunger crisis for over 30 years. A great organization being promoted by a truly great man.


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