Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fiddle Is Found

The snow is gone but the high temperature will only be 3 degrees today. Key West is calling for 84 degrees and nothing but sun. Yeah, that's not cheering me up any.

The Sochi Winter Olympics are finally here. For some reason, the usual hype and enthusiasm seems tempered down a bit. Maybe once the events start the wow factor will kick in. Especially for the USA hockey team!

It's Jay Leno's last night as host of the Tonight Show. He had a nice run and I'm anxious to see how Jimmy Fallon does. But for many of us it will always be Johnny Carson's show. True legends always leave a legacy.

GI Joe turns 50 years old this week without a lot of fanfare or parties. GI Joe's were the world's first action figures originally designed to honor veterans from all military branches. After the Vietnam War their popularity started to dissipate. Rightfully so I imagine. I still have all of mine in a huge trunk in my basement. Amongst a lot of interesting things in my basement!

They have recovered the stolen Lipinski Strad on the eastside of Milwaukee and it appears to be damage free. I live on the eastside. No, it wasn't in my basement amongst my interesting things.

There were two fascinating documentaries on the National Geographic Channel last night. The first one concerned German submarines off the eastern seaboard in early 1942. Coastal security was so weak in the early stages of the war that the german sailors were actually watching people walk on the beaches of Chesapeake Bay and listening to American radio stations. Many U.S freighters were sank during this period but the government kept it quiet so moral wouldn't be doused early on.

Monument Men was the second documentary about a small group of soldiers assigned the task of recovering stolen art. The Nazi regime had stolen Europe's vast array of artwork and stashed it throughout Europe in places like salt mines. It wasn't merely just art work but more an attempt to rob countries of their culture. The movie comes out tomorrow and I intend to see it as soon as possible.

Mortgage rates have dipped down 0.3 since the beginning of the year. Slow home sales mostly due to the bad winter weather will do that. I'm sure the rates will rise as the temperature does. It has to warm up sometime. Right?


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