Friday, February 14, 2014

The Harvard Idiot

I woke up today to a delicious cupcake and a heart shaped cake. Krissy received some flowers from yours truly, and we'll be having a late dinner at Bosley's on Brady tonight. Bring on that seafood!

Ralph Waite from the Walton's television show passed away yesterday. He was a Yale graduate and also a Presbyterian minister. The Walton's had a 9 year run on CBS and was immensely popular. It didn't have vampires or a bunch of pompous Kardashians, but skilled writers reflecting real life drama better than any phony reality show could ever hope for.

Former Chicago White Sox manager Jim Fregosi passed away earlier this morning from stroke complications. Fregosi spent 53 seasons in professional baseball in various capacities. A 6 time all star shortstop, he was actually traded for a struggling pitcher at the time named Nolan Ryan. He was often seen in local watering holes around Comiskey Park in Chicago after games having a double and chatting it up with the locals.

Today is the 95th anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago, Il. Al Capone had seven associates of the Moran gang wiped out at a staged meeting in a Clark Street garage. George Moran himself was a couple minutes late and escaped unharmed. No one was ever charged in this incident but it certainly solidified Scarface as Chicago's top Capo. Unfortunately, the garage at 2122 North Clark Street was torn down and made into a parking lot in 1967. It's within walking distance of Wrigley Field. What can I say? I've always found this historical tidbit much more interesting than the St. Valentine's Day origins myself.

Venture capitalist and Harvard graduate Tom Perkins believes the rich are being persecuted and that for every dollar one pays in taxes they should get one equivalent vote. In other words, the more taxes one pays the more votes that person gets to cast. Mr. Perkins also believes that people protesting rich people are just like the Nazi's. Yes, I've noticed the new concentration camps along I94. I'm sure thousands of rich people have been gassed already. Apparently, Mr. Perkins has never took a history class and Harvard University is quite capable of graduating a dumb ass.



  1. Your girlfriend seems like an amazing person! You're a lucky man:)

  2. She does sound amazing! I hope you appreciate her!!