Friday, January 24, 2014

Should Be a Great Bar Night

Between another dismal stock market day and former republican Governor Huckabee believing that women can't control their libido, I'm fairly confident that taverns across the U.S. will be filled to capacity tonight!

Microsoft (MSFT) is one of the few stocks doing well today. They had a good earnings report and sales of the Surface doubled. I'm actually going to take a look at the surface.

McDonalds (MCD) lost customers last quarter so they are re-thinking some business strategies. None of the proposals included treating employees like quality human beings. Until they wake up and realize public relations do matter this could be a quarterly trend.

Krissy ordered a pair of boots from across the pond at noon on wednesday. They arrived today via DHL just before noon today. I'm totally amazed. No, not about the 48 hour delivery but that England is apparently hoarding all the great boots these days!

The Greg Maddux statue at the Baseball Hall of Fame will feature a logo less cap. Maddux played a large portion of his career with both the Braves and the Cubs. He didn't want to offend any fans so he chose that option. A true first class act.

Pro Golfer John Daly has a new pizza chain bearing his name. He is fully invested in this new venture. You have to love an endorser who puts his money and his product where his mouth is!

The Florida Key pelicans are having a rough winter as they are suffering from malnourishment. Apparently, there is a low supply of baitfish combined with a higher population of migrant birds from the north.

The Republican National Committee has moved the Republican convention to June of 2016. It will be the earliest convention since 1948. It's aimed at shortening the amount of primary debates. So basically, America gets spared 7 additional Rick Perry debate performances.


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