Saturday, January 11, 2014

Junkyard Dogs

The St. Marcus Mustangs 4th grade basketball team extended their unbeaten season with a 48-10 win against Trinity. They actually had a shutout going at halftime. Ten kids on an inner city team that play defense like a bunch of junkyard dogs! Their offense is simple, no ball hogs, pass the ball to the open guy and shoot. They even do defensive drills at halftime. My son Cole plays in the middle of their 2-1-2 zone defense with a great deal of pride. What a team!

Milwaukee finally made it back into the 30's with freezing rain. Now there's massive puddles everywhere and it freezes over at night making it treacherous to walk and parking a nightmare. We just can't win this winter.

Key West is getting a visit from world famous artist Peter Max who was the official artist of the 2006 Olympics. Max is having an exhibit at the DuRubeis Gallery on Duval Street. He first rose to fame in the 1950's with fellow contemporaries Jason Pollack and Norman Rockwell.

Over 300,000 people in West Virginia are without drinking water this week. It's only usable for toilet flushing thanks to Freedom Industries. In a brilliant display of strategic planning a storage tank right next to the Elk River ruptured spilling chemicals that are used to make "clean" coal.

It's almost as bad as fracking which injects chemicals below the earth's surface to break up oil deposits from shale. The mining corporations will someday have a far more valuable commodity than gold someday. It will be called "clean water."


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  1. Did you see the pictures in the paper what the fracking would do to Wisconsin. couple days ago. I was on vacation up near Ashland and signs everywhere for and against. Where the hell would all the animals go, let alone the people and UGLY! I hole 1500 to 2000 feet deep.