Monday, January 27, 2014

My Courtney Love Encounter

Milwaukee schools are closed today and Tuesday. The thermometer is struggling to reach 0 and I'm refusing to even check the wind chill.  So far Coco has had breakfast twice and an early lunch. It's fun having him around on a weekday but I'm hoping I have enough food in the house!

Super Bowl ticket prices in the secondary market are dropping like a rock in water. Nobody should really be surprised. The ticket prices are outrageous and the weather forecast isn't pleasant. Most local NFL fans will be content to watch the game at a local watering hole or party like the rest of the world.

Former Cub Matt Garza signed a 4 year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. If he stays healthy for once he will have a solid season.

The Arizona Republican Party censured Senator John McCain for basically being too critical of conservatives. Understandably, fellow Arizona lawmakers rose to his defense. A censure for disastrous decision making in 2008, would have been far more appropriate!

Courtney Love was found not guilty in a Twitter libel case. It's been called a landmark case because it's the first of its kind. I've actually met Courtney before. Well, more like I touched her 3 times!

It was at the Joint, which is part of the Hard Rock Hotel complex in Las Vegas. It was Memorial Day weekend 1998, my friend and I wanted to go see a concert. The only tickets  available were for her band Hole. I wasn't a fan at the time, but it was a fabulous show.

The Joint was a standing room only music venue with a rail about halfway up the floor. I was standing next to the rail just a few feet down from Penn Gillette the illusionist. Courtney came on stage wearing butterfly wings dressed like a Vegas Showgirl.

After about 6 songs she just plunged into the audience where she ended up about two feet away from me singing "Heaven Tonight." So, I decided to reach out and touch her shoulder. Security never came so I did it again. Still no security, so I touched her neck and shoulder this time and said "hi Courtney." I had become a little star struck I admit. She just smiled back and with a wink went back onstage. The guy next to me thought she stopped there because I looked a bit like Kurt Cobain at the time. Whatever the reason, it was a bizarre moment.

A Russian man in Pennsylvania was charged over the weekend with possession of weapons of mass destruction. No word yet it if he purchased them on Craiglist Iraq!


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