Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Here Come The Love Children

Some guy from a jail cell is claiming that he is Prince's 39 year old son. For this large of an estate I'm surprised it took this long. I was thinking of trying it myself. (kidding) This joker might be the first but I'm thinking he won't be the last.

The Cubs are winning again tonight!  I just might copy and paste this for everyday use.

There is a terrible rumor that the Cubs are trying to trade for Ryan Braun of the Brewers. I know it isn't true though because the article says the Brewers are asking for a major haul. Braun just isn't that good anymore, he's 32 years old and still owed 4 huge years on his contract. Theo just isn't stupid my friends!

A high school in Texas just spent 63 million bucks on a football field. Supporting fans say it was necessary to outbuild a neighboring schools luxurious stadium. Good to have a goal I guess and I'm just glad I'm not in that district. Enjoy that tax bill though.

A homeless woman in Key West became stuck inside a Banyan tree and the fire department had to be called to get her out. There's a photo of it in the Key West paper. She's really inside the tree and I have no idea how she got there. If you've ever been there and seen a Banyan tree it is an amazing structure disguised as a tree with limbs like pipe organs. There's even a resort surrounded by them on Front Street. Too bad I can't grow one here!


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