Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Day Another Riot

I can't make up my mind who I despise more. Justin Bieber or Donny Trump. There isn't much of a difference between them as they both act like 12 year old children. Riots broke out in New Mexico and California at Trump rally's in the last 18 hours. He doubled down by calling them criminals and blasting the Republican Governor who is a hispanic woman. Smart campaigning there. Too bad, he seemed like a good guy 20 years ago but I guessed he conned us all.

Speaking of 12 year olds Coco comes back from his Discover America trip tomorrow. I sure missed the little guy.

Jimmy Buffett opened his new tour this week in Austin, TX to rave reviews. He's coming to Wisconsin for a Labor Day weekend show!

The Cubs held on this afternoon for a big win over the Cards.

Forgotten in all the name calling this week was the best housing report in 24 years nationally! There's a building boom in Milwaukee like I've never seen this century.

The abandoned Scientology Church on Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee is now a Mexican Consulate. Please, don't anybody tell Trump!


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