Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bad Day For Lions

A man in Chile decided to commit suicide by jumping into a lion enclosure at a zoo and strip naked. He's in the hospital and they shot the lions to save the maniac. Doesn't really seem fair for some reason.

My horse Exxaggerator won the Preakness. I didn't bet the Preakness because I figured Nyquist would win the shorter Preakness and Exxaggerator coming out on top at the Belmont. The track was sloppy and Exxaggerator races very well in the slop. This should make the Belmont interesting.

Finally they are going to allow camping again at Alpine Valley Music Theater. The Grateful Dead fans helped put an end to that in the late 80's. This year it's being allowed only for the Dave Matthews show July 1st and 2nd. It's a start!

I saw the list of the top 20 drunken American cities. Wisconsin actually had 12 cities on this national list. 12 of them! Blame it on the Germans who started all the breweries!


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