Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Wit Lives On

Krissy and I had a nice night at Steve and Holly's last night and it was great seeing everyone. A large group showed up and we played a couple new fun games unfortunately I can't remember the names off hand but I'll try to find out for later blog purposes.

We made tacos and watched last week's episode of the Blacklist tonight and it was one of the best shows ever. The writing on that show is absolutely brilliant and one of the characters was killed off which is okay with us as she was the worst actor on the show.

This afternoon we went to a memorial service for Wis Guthrie, the 98 year old father of Krissy's step dad Jim. I met Wis several times and really enjoyed talking to him. He remained sharp until the very end.

Wis was a long time art professor at Carroll College which is now Carroll University. About 250 people showed up and told some great stories. He was a student of Grant Wood's in Iowa. The name should sound familiar as he painted American Gothic.

It was a service in the Quaker tradition complete with a celebration of his life with fantastic homemade movie clips woven together. I must say I totally enjoyed myself as the Quaker's really do it right.

Wis had an interesting take on the Gettysburg Address. He believed it remained popular because it closely matches the Lord's Prayer in style. I've never heard that before and I studied history under David Blight who is a well known Lincoln Historian.

They had a lot of his personal artwork on display. My favorite piece was a painting/picture shortly after the 2000 presidential election. It showed Abraham Lincoln overlooking the Supreme Court with 9 cards in a row representing the justices. The Kings represent the male justices and the queens represent the female justices. One card is different. It is 3 cards from the right and that card is a joker!

The memories and wit through his art will certainly live on!


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