Monday, May 23, 2016

Grilling Debut 2016

I took the recycling out this morning and almost stepped on a possum. Yes, I was more scared than him!

Anyways, I told Krissy to call Joe as we needed Bug the Ridgeback to come out and sniff around. Bug lived with us last summer and she scared away all the critters!

Coco is still on his trip. I spoke to him yesterday afternoon. I gave him some spending money on his trip and the only caveat was nothing from the St. Louis Cardinals game that he went to as the Cards and the Cubs don't mix well. Naturally, he bought a Cardinals hat.  I asked why. He said the red with the black looked so cool he couldn't help himself. I told him to keep that hat at his moms!

I grilled some Italian and 4 cheese sausages along with some chicken and steak tonight with Jenny and Joe over. I tried the new cocoshell charcoal and it takes forever  to get going. I'm talking almost an hour but it does last a long time. I might mix it with another charcoal and see how that goes.

Such a nice problem to have. Grilling dilemmas!


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