Saturday, May 21, 2016

Barnacle Bud's Time

What a great day. Mid 70's in Milwaukee which considering a week ago we had snow flurries makes us grateful and appreciative!

Krissy and I started at the legendary Barnacle Buds for dinner and the place was packed. It's a hard to find spot in the Milwaukee River just off Lake Michigan by a cement factory. We had dinner there and a few drinks then started to walk. Walked a lot I should say!

We walked into the Bottle which is about 100 years old and has some secret rooms and additions from prohibition times. Prohibition was a total waste of 12 years and the only thing it accomplished was making a bunch of gangsters rich. Anyways, Heather one of my favorite bartenders and a neighbor was working a fill in shift there and almost dropped dead when we walked through the door.

Our next stop was walking down 2nd street through Walker's Point and we couldn't make up our minds where to go. Then I looked up and we were standing in front of Caroline's Jazz Club. So we stayed there the rest of the night. It's an old school joint that looks like it's from the 1930's. Truly a great night with lots of fun and music!

Nobody goes like the crow flies any better than Krissy and I!


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