Thursday, May 12, 2016

Suggestion vs Policy

Trump is walking back on virtually anything he has said in the past year. It was merely suggestion he pointed out. Great, he's trying to suggest his way to the White House and see what sticks in case insulting his way doesn't work. I believe this guy is another Madoff but I'm still researching my theory at the moment.

Track practice was perfect for once today as the sun was shining as it hit 50 degrees. Then, right at the end the clouds came and it started sprinkling. The County meet is tomorrow and I can't wait. Coco is running the mile!

We took two trips to Jackson today with stuff for their big community rummage sale. It's quite a sight.

It looks like Uber might be coming to Key West after all. It was there for a while and the police gave out expensive tickets to all the drivers as it's not allowed there at the moment. Times are changing.

George Zimmerman is trying to auction off the gun he used when he shot Trayvon Martin after starting a fight and getting his ass kicked then calling it self defense because he feared for his life. He should keep it in my opinion. With scumbags like that there's always another ass kicking in their future!


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