Friday, May 20, 2016

The Bamboo Is Up

You know it's getting warmer when we put up the bamboo fencing over the ugly metal fence. It's looking good and that means summer is almost upon us. This despite the fact that snow flurries happened upon us just last Saturday!

After I complained in my blog yesterday that it was such a bad day my phone rang just minutes after it went online. My dad is in the hospital. He suffered a fall and some blood accumulated by his pelvis so he will be in the hospital a day or two. Get well soon!

Krissy and I made a quick venture to the legendary Wolski's for about an hour or so and now we are back home. Kind of quiet so far for a warm Friday night.

I was reading about Woodstock and some of the money that was paid to the bands. Nobody getting rich back in those days. Jimmy Hendrix made the most by far raking in 30,000 but he had to play two sets for that cash. Someone named Canned Heat made 6500 and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young made 5000. Janis Joplin made 7500 but she played from 2am to 3am. The Who who just finished a concert in Milwaukee last month played from 5am to 6am. Santana only made 750 bucks. I actually saw the coat he wore at Woodstock complete with some mud at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. The photos are spectacular. Those were the days!


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