Monday, May 9, 2016

Aligning Your Energy

Singer Lauryn Hill was two hours late to her concert and ultimately played a paltry 40 minutes until the curfew mandate shut down the venue. She basically told her fans that her energy alignment isn't an on/off switch and it doesn't always coincide with her concert times. I'm thinking her fans will quit paying for her tickets soon because she basically has what Trump calls low energy. Or, in her case just a lazy diva with no regard to the fans.

I cashed our Derby ticket today and also won a $150 Visa gift card from a side work project contest. That tends to make a day a bit nicer than normal.

We watched some American Pickers episodes tonight. We can't get enough of that show and that includes Coco also. It's a great way to learn some American history.

I'm not a Paul Ryan fan today but Sarah Palin went off on him for not supporting her puppet master Trump. She is going to come to Wisconsin and campaign for Ryan's opponent which is comical in itself as Ryan is almost unbeatable and she has no sway in this state. Be careful what you wish for Sarah. We know your family likes bar fights and the good people of Wisconsin do also!


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