Wednesday, February 17, 2016

National Margarita Day

I'm so ready for Arizona next week. Nine more days until we leave. Coco is super excited and even has some clothes set aside!

This GOP nomination process is just plain getting out of hand. Name calling and threatening lawsuits is only the tip of the iceberg. Trump still looks like he's going to win the nomination fairly easy and one thing I'm certain is that Reince Priebus will spend his Thanksgiving holiday without a job. The RNC Chairman will be the fall guy I'm betting.

I was reading that a Canadian man has had total amnesia for almost exactly 30 years. Then one day he remembered who he was and sure enough there was a missing person's report on him from 1986. The human brain is even more fragile than we think.

Next Monday is National Margarita Day which also happens to be my birthday. Coincidence I think not!


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