Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cry Me A River

Another cold and snowy day. Next weekend though is supposed to hit 50's!

Coco's team lost their soccer game again tonight. A tough season so far. He had a nice shot on goal but the goalie made a nice save. After a summer conditioning program he's going to be kicking that ball through people I predict!

The GOP is already stating that they won't hold a confirmation hearing for a new Supreme Court judge. Poor judge Scalia wasn't even cold yet before the announcement. No kind words or anything from apparently a heartless Senate in addition to being the DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SENATE!

Kanye West is crying a river because he's 53 million in debt. He's asking Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter to invest a billion dollars on his ideas. Like the ideas that have him 53 billion in the hole? Or, reaching out to Zuckerberg on Twitter instead of Facebook you fricking moron?


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