Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hawks To The White House

The Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks visited the President at the White House today. The way they are playing the very well could win the cup again in a couple months!

The new voter identification took effect in Wisconsin for this weeks past election. It kept veterans from voting as their Federal Veterans Benefit Card is not a valid identification in the state of Wisconsin. A big thanks to Governor Walker for that. Also, a large portion of State University students couldn't vote neither because a State University Identification card isn't acceptable in the State of Wisconsin despite being issued by the State of Wisconsin. That's pure brilliance and now we see why the Governor couldn't quite finish college don't we!

Apparently even the Pope can't stand Trump and Trump went off on the Pope. The RNC Chairman Reince Preibus said these are basically just harmless food fights. Um Reince, I double down on what I said yesterday. You will need a new job come Thanksgiving!

The President announced that he will be travelling to Cuba. Such an uproar from the GOP. It's not like he insulted the Pope or something!


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