Tuesday, February 9, 2016

To Be A Manatee

The Manatee's in Florida need to be in water that's over 65 degrees or they start to develop hypothermia. Kind of hard to believe when they average around 1200 pounds. Lately, with the cold Florida winter they have been hanging around the warm springs basically closing it down to human swimmers. They lounge around all day barely moving and looking bored but at least they are staying healthy.

It's cold and snowy in Milwaukee today. Coco is still recovering from his illness and he had his final basketball game today. It was an exhibition game as his 6th grade team went up against an 8th grade team and held their own before losing at the end. He decided on his own to suit up and play and support the team. He only managed 5 minutes but it was an important 5 minute lesson on never give up and never quit. I go to bed tonight a very proud father!

Trump wins the New Hampshire primary. I'm fairly certain that he will not only win the GOP nomination but quite easily. Don't bet against him to insult his way to the Presidency. I'm starting to see it start to lean that way unfortunately for us sane Americans. Suddenly I'm starting to wish I was a Manatee.


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