Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blue Collar Billionaire

Enough is enough already. I can tolerate Trump because I know what he's all about which is an entertainer who says he's smart so many times that a lot of people believe it. That's fine. He doesn't fool me nor a majority of Americans but his sons are  going way overboard and I just plain don't like the sons. They referred to their father as a blue collar billionaire. What the hell is that? We already know that he doesn't own a pair of blue jeans, never held a hammer except for a photo op and eats pizza with a fricking fork! What an insult to millions of men like my father who worked hard for a living being screwed over for wages time and time again by the likes of Donald the con man Trump. His sons area disgrace and owe real blue collar people an apology. Growing up in a penthouse doesn't have to shield one from the real world but these guys allowed it to happen like a couple punks!

Gary Johnson should just drop out of the presidential race. He couldn't name the leader of North Korea. A 6th grader knows more than this clown!

We have a soccer game tonight. Coco fell on his knee in gym class so he's a little gimpy today so it will be interesting.

Monroe County, Florida which is basically the Florida Keys is pulling cars over and setting up roadblocks to inspect animals. Forty endangered Key deer have been put down with screw worm which is very nasty and can spread quite rapidly to other animals. Basically, maggots eat the heads of animals while they are alive. Normally I'm against random stops and road blocks but if you take a look at the photographs of the poor animals you won't have a problem with it. Have a strong intestinal system if you dare google it.

Hurricane Matthew looks like it will totally miss Key West as many boats are going down there for safety. Eastern Florida looks like it will be hit hard with a possible Category 5. Good luck to everyone down there and we all pray for your safety.


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