Monday, October 3, 2016


I think we're still recovering from Ocktoberfest down at Marquette Park. It was a long rainy saturday of soccer after a rainy friday night game so it was nice to hit the festive event with Dad and Dee and later joined by my niece Deanna. Krissy made an excellent choice!

The Bears finally won a game. I raved about Jordan Howard on draft day and the Bears finally gave him a chance and he rushed for 111 yards like it was nothing. My man!

We took Mango to the dog park and now she's sleeping like a baby!

Right now Coco and I are checking out the new show called Timeless. It looks like a winner so far!

Friday night is when the playoffs start and the Cubs make their run. Anything but a World Series win and I'll be disappointed. But I'm confident in this team!



Dad and I holding our own Masskrugstemmen... He won... 

Dee enjoying the Schnitzel

Deanna and Dad

Ein Bier, bitte

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