Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rainbow Trout

Everybody has problems including Denmark. It seems that a ship accidentally went over a net at a fish farm sending 80,000 Rainbow Trout loose. Since they are used to being fed they likely will starve instead of finding food so fishermen are encouraged to buy a license and catch as many as they can! After this stupid election of ours Denmark is looking very attractive if anyone wants to move.

I saw footage of the city of Aleppo this morning and it looks like Berlin at the end of World War 2. It's estimated that it will be totally destroyed by December.

Burt Reynolds is going down to Key West to receive a lifetime achievement award of some sorts. What a great place to receive an award, any award will do!

I'm still basking in the glow of the terrific Cubs game last night. Somebody just bought 4 tickets to game 5 of the World Series in the secondary market for $71,800. That's a lot of cash to watch history in the making but one thing I'm sure of. It wasn't me buying those tickets!


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