Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Hostage Taker

Let's play Jeopardy for a second. The answer is Ted Cruz. The question is: What is a piece of crap with feet? People say Trump is the worst option ever for President but there is a reason he beat ole Ted. Cruz just shuts things down and says no with offering no solutions which is why he will lose his Senate seat in 2018. He says he would keep a Supreme Court nomination off the table if Clinton is elected. My God man, just do your job for once or return your paycheck!

Mango did well in her last dog training class. She will spin either way multiple times for a treat. It's the only thing she's done better than the rest of the class except rip up chew toys!

Coco is still in Boston. His phone must need some juice as he hasn't returned my text.

The Jazz Estate reopens under new management on November 3rd with the new owners from Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. It was always a great little jazz joint and now it will have the best drinks in town!

The Cubs tied up the World Series last night at a game a piece. Jake battled well pitching a no-hitter into the 6th. A lot of people said activating Schwarber from the disabled list was foolish. Well, he has the second hottest bat with 3 huge hits. I'll take that fool Theo Epstein making the calls any day of the year. Go Cubs!


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