Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back To Cleveland

A tough Saturday night followed by a great Sunday night as the Cubs go back to Cleveland for game 6. They played lousy last night and tonight's game was just a thriller with Aroldis Chapman pitching one of the best relief jobs that I've ever seen. Being down 3 games to 1 is tough enough then a game 5 win 3-2 keeps every fan on the edge. This team has so much heart. I'm still believing we win in 7!

Tonight we watched the game at home. Last night we went to Jack's Pub. The Guinness folks were there and I came away with a winter hat, a fantastic t-shirt and a free beer. The only disappointment was the Cubs playing lousy.

Tomorrow, Joe Maddon has his club all in costume suits for the trip to Cleveland. Keeping them loose and hopefully winning 2 more games and becoming World Champions!

Coco is back in town. He'll be here for the games this week. I'm not sure if he understands how big this event is for me personally or Cubs fans throughout the world. I can't even describe it myself. Hanging on every pitch watching the post game show for hours and just enjoying the moment. It's pretty damn special!


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