Monday, October 17, 2016

Forever Campaign

I was talking to some friends on Sunday about how this is the longest campaign in the history of the world it seems. Everybody is ready for this to be over. Kudos to Adrian Gonzalez of the L.A Dodgers for refusing to stay at the Trump hotel when they were in Chicago. I guess he didn't feel like paying Trump for being called names. The rest of the team followed him to a different hotel for the recent playoff series. Hit him on the pocketbook is the best way to teach a rich guy a lesson. Always has been and always will be!

The Cubs are 1-1 with the Dodgers in the playoffs. It resumes tomorrow night. We watched the first game at the Camp Bar in the Third Ward and had a great time while watching the Badgers game at the same time.

We have a father-son soccer game tomorrow with the St. Marcus team as part of their soccer celebration. I'll play hard and hope I don't leave a torn muscle on the field. I was never a soccer player so I'll try and not embarrass myself. Needless to say, I'll play it like I did basketball and try and get away with as many fouls as possible!!!


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