Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Scottie Nell Hughes Poop Face

I was watching Scottie Nell Hughes this morning on CNN trying to defend Trump once again over his latest scandal. The poor woman had such a funny face throughout the whole ordeal which probably lasted at least 5 minutes. It looked like the camera was filming her while she was sitting on the toilet. I find reading on the toilet more relaxing myself. Anyway Scottie, there's about 30 days left in this election so you better buy a case of Tums cause this is only getting worse and you probably aren't getting paid enough to spew that much B.S. I'll give you credit though. It's obvious the other Trump surrogates don't believe the B.S that comes out of their mouths but mostly I think you do. Or, you're a great actress!

I took Coco to the bus this morning for the big soccer tournament in Appleton. I'll head up in a little bit and hopefully be back in time for the Cubs game tonight. He's bringing a couple members of his posse over for a sleepover. Or, more like a don't sleep let's play Xbox all night!

What an exciting pitching duel last night. A totally great game. Lester and Cueto just pitched lights out ball. The Cubs won 1-0 on a homer by my man Javier Baez. Great defense played all night by both teams. More hitting tonight please as my stomach can't take the suspense. I don't wanna end up like Miss Hughes!


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