Friday, October 28, 2016

Wind Blowing Out At Wrigley

Holy Cow! The wind is blowing out for the first World Series game in 71 years. That means a lot of home runs if the pitcher doesn't keep the ball down.

Coco called me from Nantucket. He liked Boston a lot better. He saw the Boston Garden and took a tour of Harvard where he bought a hat. Then, a tour of Boston College and bought a sweatshirt. He is flying back Sunday just in time to trick or treat with friends so he needs me to keep his scooter ready.

The GDP numbers came out today at a great 2.95% which is tge highest in two years. Unfortunately you'll have a hard time running into anybody tonight who wants to talk about that.

Exxon had record profits today but isn't making as much as they should they feel because of low oil prices. Therefore, the will layoff people and lower output in an effort to drive prices up. That's exactly why "drill baby drill" doesn't work and free market talkers are just that, fricking talkers. I hope the Saudi's dump a ton of oil on the market and cuts gas prices in half because of these greedy bastards!

Mango keeps begging me for food which I never give her. So today, I loaded up a nacho chip with spicy salsa and let her eat it. Yep, she loved it which I totally didn't expect!

Krissy is the best. She bought me Red Stripe for the game tonight. It's going to be a game for the ages folks, a game for the ages. Go Cubs!


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