Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Big Blue Machine

Pete Rose said the Cubs will be the Big Blue Machine in a couple years. A bright comparison and a true compliment to the Big Red Machine which he played on in the 70s. Thank you Pete, I know that was hard to say!

I had stomach problems before the game and during the game. I was blaming it on the Chinese food we had after Jenny's baptism but it completely went away on the game ending double play.

Getting to the World Series meant even more to me than I thought. I come from a family of Cubs fans and most of them have passed waiting for this moment. A lot of memories came back after that third out and a sense of relief that the Cubs made it to the classic.

It still won't be complete until we win the whole thing but it's still a great feeling. Coco is in Boston on vacation. Krissy is under the weather in bed. My dog Mango is sleeping on the couch.

I'm sitting in my barber chair drinking beer by myself watching the celebration and all the interviews. I'll line the beer bottles up on the counter and just stay up as long as the coverage is on.

Then, I'll watch an old movie and start going over the Cleveland Indians lineup. We still got 4 more games to win. Then, I'll celebrate on that night until I pass out! Go Cubs Go!


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