Friday, October 16, 2015

Bring On The Mets

The Cubs start tomorrow in New York against the Mets and I get my wish. Addison Russell will miss the series with a hamstring injury but I have all the confidence in Javier Baez.

The Blacklist with James Spader has returned with more marvelous episodes. It's such a well written show.

Speaking of lists, Coco gave me his Christmas list early this year. Considering he added up the total value and it will cost $2012 I guess he figured I needed the extra time to save some cash.

It's stone crab season in the Keys now until May15th. I love stone crab!

Krissy and I are going to the Trocadero for dinner tonight. We have a gift certificate to use.

Scientists have done some studies on elephants as they rarely get cancer. It seems like they have more p53 genes than human beings and that could be the main reason. A big breakthrough if that's true.

We finally turned on the heat today and bringing the plants in as it's supposed to drop to 30 degrees tonight. I'm only a stones throw from buying the winter Coco Wheats now!


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