Thursday, October 22, 2015

Iron Lung

I'm still reeling over the Cubs loss last night. It's wait till next year once again but the future does look really good this time. So many rookies and second year players in the lineup and they will only get better. John texted me today that the next time we see them will be in Mesa next spring!

I watched most of the Benghazi or listened to it on satellite radio today. The GOP backfired on this one and made Clinton very popular according to most of the twitter and blog feeds that I followed. I'm not a huge fan of hers but she did come off really well and some of the committee members asked some silly questions especially from Brooks in Alabama who insinuated that Clinton wasn't really aware that we had a presence in Benghazi at all. When it was pointed out to her by a fellow committee member that it's hard to cover up something and email about it beforehand if you didn't know existed she looked kind of stunned. I knew it was going very well for Clinton when Fox News became the only network to call off their coverage!

An interesting tidbit that I was reading is that there are 10 people around the world still in an iron lung and most of them are in the United States. All due to polio and most have been in there about 60 years with no hope of ever recovering. I worked with a guy who had polio that he contracted as a kid. He had trouble walking but otherwise didn't have problems. They found the cure a few months after he contracted it. Suddenly waiting for next year on the Cubs doesn't seem that awful.


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