Friday, October 23, 2015

Two Bridges and Eating Healthy

What a wonderful afternoon and a great movie. We saw Two Bridges with Tom Hanks. The guy just makes great movies. I won't give away anything other than to say go see it. It's the best movie I've seen in years!

We started out at 2ish with a great lunch at Comet Cafe. Truly a great meal. Then, to Hooligans for a beer before the movie. The na couple beers at  the movie. Then to Von Triers the greatest German bar for a beer then to the Winchester for a beer. Then to Landmark for a beer. Just great people everywhere and having fun with Krissy. I'm trying to buy the James Bond poster in the lobby and I think I'm number one on the list. I'll just badger them until I get it no worries.

We were going to make one more stop but its late and we got tired. So, we stopped at Walgreens for some dinner snacks, You know, ice cream, soda, nerds, 100,000 bars, chips and 2 giant candy bars along with the Dunkin Donuts I bought earlier. Yep, eating healthy!


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