Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bye Bye Birdies

The Cubs bounced the Cards out of the playoffs sending them back to migration for the winter. They tried to show their muscle in September by starting a beanball war with the Cubs but they just stayed calm. In Manager Joe Maddon's own words, "we won't start anything but we sure will finish it." The Cards were just finished less than an hour ago and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Dodgers and Mets are playing now and the Cubs will play the series winner. I want it to be the Mets because we owe them. I remember sitting out in the bleachers and the Cubs won a doubleheader in 1984 with a bunch of brawls in both games. We razzed Darryl Strawberry all game and he threw a tennis ball at us. 

One of the best days of my life but we didn't win the series that year after winning the division. We lost to San Diego because we had to forfeit home field advantage because we didn't have lights at that time. It cost us. And me!  I had 5th game World Series tickets, first row in the upper deck behind home plate. Sutcliffe would have pitched for the World Series win and I would have been there!

I won't be there this year but I'm watching every pitch like I am. An emotional time for me I must admit as plenty of my relatives have died waiting for the Cubs to win a World Series.

I won't jinx myself by saying anything other than the odds just got a little better. Give me the Mets! I'm starting to get that really really good feeling that I get once every decade!


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